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Light Wheel Music – Austin Texas

Indie Shuffle – “For three days my senses were constantly being seduced by strobing art projections, furry chained monsters, stranger things, and Bjork. But when I made the hard fall back to reality there is one sound that soared above the rest: Light Wheel. Comprised of the vocalist Tyagaraja and producer Evan Dunivan, this duo stole my attention and ears with their dream pop electronica.”

Austin360 – “Light Wheel rewarded them with music that was both adventurously creative and broadly accessible, setting a high bar for the evening with a performance that still lingered at the end of the night.”

The Revue – “Music for the soul – that’s the best way to describe the cathartic effect of this new single from Austin, Texas-based Light Wheel. The duo create some of the most mesmerizing electronic-infused dream-pop we’ve heard lately.”

Indietronica – “Their latest release is called ‘I Want To Expand’. It’s a dynamic number, and one that perfectly showcases Tyagaraja and Evan’s talents in their individual fields. On production, we have gorgeous tinges of electronic new wave, eclectic rhythms and colourful soundscapes. On vocals, we have soulful falsettos full of ambition.”

Complex UK – “Light Wheel’s compositions have so much more going on…with the soaring falsetto vocals and cataclysmic instrumentals.”

Purple Melon Music – Feature of single “Ein Sof”

Pause Musicale – “Cascades of intoxicating dream pop…soaked in electro aerial tints.”

Crack in the Road – “The Keeper is ambitious, immersive, and a fantastic first outing.”

And I The Report – “A beautiful song like a blue moon on a foggy night.”

Mavoy Music– Feature of single “I Want to Expand”